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Report: Young Killer in Chilling ISIS Video Is French Citizen


A boy shown in an ISIS video released this week murdering a prisoner alleged to be a Mossad spy is a French citizen, according to French officials.

An ISIS fighter standing alongside the boy in the video speaks with a southern French accent and, according to the Associated Press, “could be the step-brother of Mohammed Merah, who killed seven people in attacks on a Jewish school and paratroopers in the south of France beginning on March 11, 2012.”

He lauds the boy as one of the “young lions of the caliphate” while vowing that “the Islamic conquests have begun.”

The boy faces a kneeling 19-year-old Mohamed Said Ismail Musallam, an Israeli citizen of Palestinian descent. The highly produced video show a slow-motion shot of a bullet entering the forehead of the victim, then the boy shooting him several more times after he slumps to the ground.

The boy then hoists his handgun in the air, shouting, “Allahu Akbar!”

The video, viewed by PJM, includes a long “confession” from Musallam, clad in an orange jumpsuit, claiming he was approached by the Mossad to gather information on potential attacks against Jerusalem by Palestinians. Then, he said, he was asked to go to Syria.

His parents, though, told CNN that he was recruited by ISIS. “They sent him money through the Western Union,” said Said Musallam, his father. “They said you will have girls, money, cars, villas, paradise, but afterwords he discovered that there is nothing.”

In the video, Mohamed Musallam claims that his father and brother are also Mossad informants. After showing Musallam’s murder, the video lists information about the location of his father and brother, along with photos and addresses of other alleged Mossad agents in Jerusalem, from bus drivers to security guards and construction workers.

The adult jihadist in the video, calling Musallam an “evil apostate,” says they will “cleanse” Jerusalem of “filth.”

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