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More Evidence of Deliberate Fraud Surfaces in Obamacare

Remember Obamacare — the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” that was passed in the dead of night via skulduggery and open corruption by the Democrats? The promise was that it would make health insurance (not to be confused with “affordable care”) available to most every American at a “reasonable” price and cover the least fortunate among us. Suckers!

What resulted, of course, was just another big-government welfare program financed via a massive, punitive tax increase on Barry Hussein’s Public Enemy No. 1, the American middle class — something these trickerators could never have passed with the fig leaf of “compassion”:

More than 85% of Americans who signed up for health coverage this year through the Affordable Care Act qualified for government subsidies, according to a new report that underscores the scope of the aid at a time when the Supreme Court is considering sharply restricting it. Altogether, close to 10 million of the 11.7 million people who enrolled in coverage this year could get subsidies, the report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shows. Of that, nearly 1.3 million Californians qualified for assistance.

Reliance on government aid is higher in states where the federal government operates insurance marketplaces than in states like California that run their own systems. The legal challenge being considered by the Supreme Court would strip away subsidies in states that rely on the federal government, affecting as many as 7.7 million people, according to the report. In many of those states, consumers are getting subsidies that top $300 a month on average, according to the data.

The federal government under the Democrats has become like a drug dealer, first hooking the schoolchildren on crack (“free health care!”) and then using their addiction as an excuse to keep pumping them full of cocaine on the grounds that withdrawal would be too painful. There’s a word for this: evil.

“We now know in very tangible terms how much assistance the Affordable Care Act is providing to people,” said Larry Levitt, senior vice president at the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation, which has been closely tracking implementation of the law. “These subsidies have put health insurance within reach for people who couldn’t possibly pay hundreds of dollars per month on their own.”

How about that!

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