PLO Central Committee Calls to Suspend Security Coordination with Israel

Reproduced with permission from MEMRI

The 27th conference of the PLO Central Council was held on March 4-5, 2015 under the heading “Steadfastness and Popular Resistance.” In a statement it issued at the conclusion of this conference, the Council announced the suspension of the security coordination with Israel, in all its forms. It also stated that peace would be achieved only if an independent Palestinian state is established on the June 4, 1967 borders and the right of return is realized; congratulated the Arabs of Jerusalem for the intifada they sparked following the murder of Muhammad Khdeir, and called to rally around the popular resistance and continue the boycott of Israeli products and the activity against Israel in the International Criminal Court.


It should be noted that the Council’s resolutions require the approval of PA President Mahmoud ‘Abbas. Since this approval has not been granted so far, the security coordination has not been suspended.

The following are excerpts from the Central Council’s statement.[1]


Palestinian leaders at the Central Council conference (image:, March 5, 2015)

Peace – Only With Right Of Return                                    

“The PLO Central Council hereby declares its complete commitment and adherence to our national rights, our declaration of independence and the right of the Palestinian state to exercise its sovereignty upon its territory. The Council stresses that security, peace and stability will not be achieved in Palestine and the Middle East unless an independent Palestinian state is established on the June 4, 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital, [and unless] the refugees’ right of return is guaranteed according to UN Resolution 194 and the Arab peace initiative and the Palestinians’ right to self-determination are realized…”

We Must Rally Around Popular Resistance

“In light of the grave social and political transformations that are rocking the region, the Central Committee emphasizes that national steadfastness and rallying around the PLO are the only way to topple the Israeli arrogance that denies our national rights and insists on [continuing] the occupation, the settlements and the Judaizing of Jerusalem. [It also emphasizes that] our ongoing national steadfastness requires all of us to ascend to the level of the national aspirations and avoid partisan calls and rallying around banners that are unconnected to our national goals. In this context, the popular resistance that the Central Council endorsed in its previous conferences must enjoy the highest degree of consensus, unity, partnership and coordination among [all] the prominent national forces, parties, and figures on the ground, in the villages, cities and refugee camps. This, in order to put an end to the aggression of the settlers against our mosques and churches. There is need to deter the hordes of settlers who are raising the ‘Price Tag’[2] banner and to stop them, so that they world know that the Palestinian people opposes the occupation and the settlements and uses its popular resistance to defend it land, its fields, its mosques and its churches.”


We Congratulate Jerusalem Arabs On Intifada

“As part of our national responsibility towards Jerusalem, the Council hereby calls to support our people [there] and thereby strengthen their steadfast adherence to their land, their opposition to the Judaizing actions aimed at severing Jerusalem from its surroundings, and their opposition to the settlements, the seizing of land, the demolition of homes and the repeated attacks on the Muslim and Christian places of worship.

“The Central Council congratulates our people who take part in the heroic intifada [in Jerusalem] against the barbarism and brutality of the settlers and the occupation forces. This intifada was sparked by the martyrdom of young Muhammad Khdeir who was burned to death by extremist settlers in Israel. During this intifada Jerusalem has paid a heavy price, with several [Arabs] martyred and hundreds injured and arrested. Our steadfast people [in Jerusalem] have proved by their honorable struggle that Jerusalem shall forever remain the capital of independent Palestine.

“To strengthen the steadfastness of Jerusalem and its heroic intifada, the Central Council calls upon all the political and national authorities in the city to allocate the funds necessary to reinforce the steadfastness of our people and defend the holy places and the city’s Arab identity…”


Security Coordination Shall Be Suspended

“In light of the ongoing settlement [activity], which contravenes international law; Israel’s refusal to draw the June 4, 1967 border between the two states; its disregard of UN resolutions and signed agreements; its refusal to release prisoners; its piratical usurpation of the Palestinian people’s funds; and [its] escalation of the aggression, assassinations and raids, and the continued siege on Gaza… the Council hereby takes the following decisions:

“Israel is fully responsible for the Palestinian people in occupied Palestine, since it is an occupying state    according to international law. Hence, all forms of security cooperation [with Israel] shall cease, in light of Israel’s non-compliance with agreements signed by the two sides… The notion of the Jewish state and the notion of a temporary Palestinian state must be rejected out of hand, as well as any formula that leaves Israeli troops or settlers on parts of the Palestinian territory. The Executive Committee shall follow the activity of the High National Follow-Up Committee vis-à-vis the International Criminal Court, in order to hold to account those responsible for Israel’s war crimes, especially the crime of the settlements and the war crimes during the aggression against Gaza…


Ongoing Boycott Of Israeli Products

“The Central Council stresses the ongoing boycott of Israeli products as part of popular resistance. It also calls on all lovers of freedom worldwide and on the Palestinian solidarity committees to continue the campaign to boycott Israel, punish it, discourage investments in it and boycott any company that supports the occupation and the settlements.”




[1] Al-Ayyam (Palestinian Authority), March 6, 2015.

[2] A name given to acts of violence by Israeli settlers in which they exact a price from Palestinians in retaliation for Palestinian or Israeli action against them and the settlement enterprise.


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