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Hindu Nationalist Leader Unleashes Incendiary Attack Against Mother Teresa


Mohan Bhagwat, head of the Hindu nationalist RSS organization, said on Monday that Mother Teresa’s prime motive in serving the poor was converting them to Christianity.

Speaking at a function for an NGO in the village of Bharatpur, Bhagwat said, “It’s good to work for a cause with selfless intentions. But Mother Teresa’s work had ulterior motive, which was to convert the person who was being served to Christianity.” He added, “In the name of service, religious conversions were made. This was followed by other institutes, too.”

Mother Teresa, a Roman Catholic sister, was the founder of the  Missionaries of Charity, a religious and charitable organization that provides home, food, medical and hospice care for the poorest of the poor in India and 132 other countries around the world.

At the same event, former director general of Border Security Force Prakash Singh also complained about Mother Teresa.

“There are many other organizations that have done far more good work than her. But Christians, with the help of media were able to publicize their work,” said Singh.

The comments unleashed a Twitter storm of anger directed at Mother Teresa:



In August, Bhagwat stirred up religious tensions in the Hindu-majority country by announcing, “The entire world knows that the people who live in India are Hindus. Just as the Germans have Germany, the English have England, and Americans have America. … All the people of this country are Hindus,” Bhagwat said.

Since then, there have been several attacks on Christian churches in India. In January the only Christian church in an Indian village in Telangana state was burned down, reportedly by Hindu supremacists.

Archbishop Anil JT Couto of New Delhi told NDTV, “A clear pattern of orchestrated attacks is emerging as more and more churches are targeted, vandalised and set on fire.” He said, “This is very disturbing and we request the authorities to take adequate measures to bring to book the miscreants who are threatening to weaken the social fabric of this great nation.”

But Vikjay Paul at Chakra News echoed Bhagwat’s call for Hindu nationalism. He said Christian humanitarian workers take advantage of the poor and convert them through “gradual force” by luring them with food and the promise of education. Paul said:

As in other countries such as Pakistan or Bangladesh with Muslim majorities, who sustain and fight for their religion, why can’t Hindus do the same for their countries religion without getting criticism from fellow Hindus?  How has a country’s majority, including the government become so blind to such appalling act’s that hinder and take advantage of religious freedom?

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a self-avowed Hindu nationalist — and lifelong member of the RSS — has been criticized for not doing enough to protect the Christian minority in his country.

Supporters of Mother Teresa rushed in to defend her on Twitter:



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