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Definitely Not Politically Correct: Who Gets Murdered in L.A. and Where?

Exactly whom you think gets murdered and pretty much where you’d expect, in one of America’s most segregated cities:

Sunday and Monday were the deadliest days of the week in Los Angeles in 2014. April saw the most killings; January and February the least. More people were killed with a firearm than any other weapon. Those statistics and others compiled by the Los Angeles Police Department offer a deeply detailed look at the 260 homicides that occurred in Los Angeles last year. The report breaks down everything from which LAPD division saw the largest increase (77th Street in South L.A.) to where the killings occurred (streets were the most common location, followed by sidewalks).

No surprise there. The 77th Street station in South L.A. patrols some of the most violent, gang-infested neighborhoods in the sprawling city; at its epicenter is the intersection of Florence and Normandie, where the Rodney King riots began and where truck driver Reginald Denny was nearly beaten to death by a mob. Once a black neighborhood, it’s turned Latino over the past decade or so. And just who got murdered?

Nearly 86% of the people killed in Los Angeles last year were male. About one-third of victims were 26 to 35, and about a quarter were 18 to 25. Out of 260 victims, 119 were Latino and 112 were black.

Let’s put that another way: only 29 of the victims were either white (18), Asian (2) or “other” (9). Get the pertinent stats here.