BREAKING: Paris Attack Yet Another Case of 'Known Wolf Syndrome'

Back in October after two separate terror attacks in Canada, I coined the term “Known Wolf Syndrome” since, as I noted, in many of these terror cases the suspects are already known to law enforcement authorities. I recounted a number of similar instances of U.S. domestic terrorism.


I noted the same problem again last month when Sheikh Haron took hostages in a chocolate shop in downtown Sydney, Australia.

Now, early reports from the Paris attack earlier today are indicating that one of the suspects is yet another “known wolf” who tried to send men to fight in Iraq:

One of the alleged assailants, K. Sherif, is already well known to the police. He was tried in 2005 for being part of a chain of sending jihadists in Iraq, nicknamed “the Iraqi chain of the 19th district of Paris.” With a dozen cronies, he would have led a dozen young people from fighting in Iraq between 2003 and 2005. He was arrested in 2005, when he was preparing himself from Iraq. (Google Translate)

We’ll wait to see if the other two suspects end up previously known to authorities as well.


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