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Poll: 84% of GOP Voters Less Likely to Re-Elect Representative Who Allows Taxpayer Dollars to Be Spent on Obama's Amnesty

The latest and last part of the People’s Poll was released early this morning, indicating continued dissatisfaction from GOP voters/leaners about their representatives’ support of Obama’s agenda.

A whopping 84% of GOP voters/leaners say that they would be less likely to support the re-election of their member of Congress if they allowed taxpayer money to be spent on implementing Obama’s amnesty plan.

“If your Member of Congress voted to allow taxpayer money to be used to implement the president’s amnesty, would you be more or less likely to support his or her re-election?”

To which 63% say they were much less likely, 20% say they were somewhat less likely and only 9% say they would be more likely to support re-election of a member who voted to allow taxpayer money to be used for Obama’s amnesty.

And it is not surprising that the Republicans/Republican leaners do not want their member of Congress to support the use of taxpayer dollars to fund Obama’s amnesty, as almost three-quarters want Congress to pass a law to stop taxpayers’ funding of the president’s amnesty.

“Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree wit this statement: Congress should stop Obama’s granting of amnesty to illegal immigrants by passing a law that prevents the administration from using taxpayer money to implement the executive order?”

Fifty-nine percent strongly agreed with that statement and an additional 11% somewhat agreed. Twenty-seven percent disagreed that Congress should pass a law to prevent the use of taxpayer money to implement Obama’s executive order.

The People’s Poll was conducted among 602 voters who are Republican or voted Republican in the 2014 election. Interviews were conducted on both landlines and cell phones, December 26-30, 2014 with an MOE of +/- 4%.