Politico: Walker's Inauguration Speech a Preview to 'All-But-Announced Candidacy for President'

The Anti-Christie?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker used his inauguration speech Monday to lay out the rationale for his all-but-announced candidacy for president, emphasizing the “clear contrast” between Washington, D.C., and his home state, and stressing how reforms he pushed through during his first term have made Wisconsin “more free and prosperous.”

The speech, infused with references to faith, outlined Walker’s conservative world view in compassionate terms, but it was also peppered with mentions of economic policies the often-controversial governor counts as key to his legacy.


That last sentence could have read: “…but it was also peppered with mentions of successful economic policies.” Politico, being what it is, however, had to make it sound as if the whole thing were a mirage. The “often-controversial” governor won three elections for his two terms in a blue state. He boldly fought for the pension reform that other governors are waiting until after financial catastrophe hits to get around to addressing. He has battled a years-long Big Labor money-infused smear campaign that may have worked in days past when the MSM had a stranglehold on all information.

He keeps winning elections because the people of Wisconsin know that he’s getting results.

Let’s hope he doesn’t get pushed to the side because of the GOP’s “Well-Worn Retread” policy for presidential candidates.


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