Michelle Obama's School Lunch Program Gutted in Budget Deal

First Lady Michelle Obama’s vile and unappetizing lunch program would suffer a blow under the new federal budget deal being considered.


The New York Post reports: “Among the many provisions tucked into the 1,603-page budget bill, is one that would give schools a pass on serving whole grain products in students’ meals. The bill also puts off a First Lady-backed attempt to make the lunches less salty by 2017.”


thanks michelle obama 3

The first lady’s program was exposed when kids around the country started posting stomach-churning images of the “approved” lunches with the hashtag #thanksmichelleobama

thanks michelle obama 2

Patricia Montague, head of the School Nutrition Association, said the program was “well intended, but have resulted in unintended, adverse consequences.”  She also said that the unappetizing new foods have caused a drop in lunch sales, “crippling” school budgets.

The drop in sales of school lunches over the last two years is astonishing. “The number of school lunches served in America dropped more than 1 million between 2013 and 2014, according to data released this month by the Department of Agriculture.”

The federal budget deal is scheduled for a vote today; let’s hope that this is one feature that makes it through the negotiation process.




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