Boehner Reaches Out to Democrats on Budget, but Will Bring Symbolic Bill to Nullify Obama Exec. Amnesty to the Floor

House Republicans will have their chance to oppose Obama’s executive amnesty program today, when Speaker of the House John Boehner brings Rep. Ted Yoho’s (R-FL) bill to floor.  The vote is expected to be largely symbolic as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already said he won’t bring it to the Senate floor and Obama has threatened to veto it.


The bill would “prevent the executive branch from deferring undocumented immigrants from deportation and effectively nullify President Obama’s executive action.”

Many conservatives are aware the bill isn’t going anywhere. “I think that a Hallmark card would be cheaper. Send the president a Hallmark card saying we don’t like your immigration ideas,” said Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.). “I don’t think it accomplishes anything, but I’m going to support it.”

But word is that Boehner is reaching out to the Democrats to overcome the “snowballing” of the GOP opposition to the leadership’s big spending bill. Neil Munro at the Daily Caller describes the leadership spending bill as containing mere “token efforts to stop President Barack Obama’s agencies from implementing his unpopular amnesty.”

Last night, the Washington Post reported Rep. Democrat Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said Boehner aides had reached out asking for Democrat votes to ensure passage of the budget bill.  Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) told National Review the same thing.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp told the Daily Caller:

“Right now, it is just snowballing opposition. Twenty-four hours ago, there was little [opposition] there… [but] more and and more folks are learning the issue and asking ‘Why would I be voting for this?'” he said, citing quiet conversations he’s had with GOP members. “It is hard to put numbers on it,” he said, adding that legislators are responding to their voters’ phone calls and complaints.


Reaching out to the Democrats is an interesting move by Boehner. He still needs to formally get the votes to retain his speakership in January. Passing the budget without de-funding the president’s amnesty and doing it with the help of Democrats could bring pressure from the grassroots to get Boehner out of a leadership role.  Especially in light of the 2014 midterm election results.









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