Marc Lamont Hill on Shutting Down Highways, Burning Business, Etc. in Ferguson and Nationwide: 'This Is What Democracy Looks Like'

Presented without much comment, other than to note that this is what democracy looks like to progressives such as Hill when they agree with the aims or hate the same enemies. When they disagree, the smears come out.


“You see people shutting down highways. You see people shutting down roads,” Hill said on CNN. “You see people shutting down games and operas over the last few months. It’s an exciting moment for young protesters. As again, the violence is one thing. And we can bracket that for a moment and talk about the 99.9 percent of the protesters who are trying to make change in the spectacle of protests and through organized action, cop watch programs, educational intervention, voter registration drives. This is what activism is like. This is what democracy looks like.”

What about stopping raising kids who have no respect for authority at all and who immerse themselves in drug and gang culture?

Peaceful protests are part of democracy. However, when citizens rose up peacefully at town hall meetings to query their elected representatives about a health care bill that they opposed, usually equipped with more information than those representatives, progressives regarded and still smear that as “terrorism.” They continue to smear all opposition to all of Obama’s policies as racist.

Fairness from progressives such as Hill is too much to ask for.


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