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Second Thoughts on Emperor Obama, Democrats?

As predicted here yesterday, some vulnerable Democrats recognize that President Obama’s unilateral amnesty is likely to cost them their jobs. But they’re not quite ready yet to block him where it counts.

“I wish he wouldn’t do it,” Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia said. “I think we ought to work through this process, and with the new elections and the results of the elections, we ought to try in January to see if we can find a pathway to get something accomplished.”

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri said she supported comprehensive immigration reform but was concerned by Obama’s plan. “I have to be honest, how this is coming about makes me uncomfortable; I think it probably makes most Missourians uncomfortable.”

“I would prefer the Congress acted, yes,” Tester said. “I think it would be great to have the House take up the Senate-passed bill … That would be a solution to the problem.”

That’s not going to happen, and it’s one reason Obama is choosing to act now. The mid-terms finally killed off that Senate bill, which never did pass the House. Had it passed and the president signed it, Obama would have just scuttled the security provisions and granted legalization anyway. We would be more or less where we are now, just via a different route — and the GOP base would have been dispirited by its elected leaders’ betrayal.

If the new Senate were to take up immigration without the president having already poisoned the well first, any bill it passes is likely to look more like the House effort that the Obama White House interfered with and killed, for the simple reason that the Senate is now under Republican control and the likes of Chuck Schumer have been relegated to the bench. The Senate bill, which the Democrats and some in the corrupt media treat as sacrosanct despite the fact that it never passed the House, is the best deal that Obama and the Democrats know is the best they could get. But it has slipped away. The Congress will now be pre-occupied with finding ways to gut Obama’s power grab rather than work on any kind of “reform.” Which is perfectly fine with Barack Obama.

The House’s Obamacare repeals never passed the Democrat-controlled Senate. Why don’t they get the same reverence in the media as that Senate immigration bill that never passed the House?

We all know the answer to that.

Democrats such as the ones quoted above need to figure something out, and the sooner the better. That is, that Barack Obama couldn’t care less about them or whether remain in office or not. He couldn’t care less about the Democratic Party. He has presided over its gutting and is expanding his own power at their expense.