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Bill Maher Talks Up Jerry Brown for President

Stand-up comedian, talk show host and political commentator Bill Maher is as mad as a stampeding cape buffalo when he stumps for California governor Jerry Brown in his Generation A** routine. Maher spends the entire 5.58 minute clip advocating for the two-time governor and gives him accolades for singlehandedly resuscitating the state from a previous governor who couldn’t even pronounce the word “California.”

In fact, Maher goes to bat for “Yodas” around the world claiming 76 is not too old to run for president. But we all know some voters reported they thought Arizona Senator John McCain (R) was too old to occupy the White House in 2008 and he was only 72. So how does one make a ‘Yoda’ electable? Well, likely follow Maher’s footsteps.

First Tip: Knock Down Hillary

Maher was quick to take out Democrat frontrunner, Hillary Clinton by serving up her headshot and saying:

“New rule. Now the race for the presidency in 2016 has finally begun, Democrats must turn to the one person who has a record of competence and reform unmatched in their party. I’m talking about the man California just re-elected, Jerry Brown.”

Yet there were other ways Maher made 76-year-old Brown seem cool. He claimed Brown took California from broke and ungovernable to a state of job creation. But Maher did so while taking potshots at B-celebrities America loves to ridicule. So who was first on Maher’s chopping block besides former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Maher of course went after your typical garden-variety celeb roadkill. You know those celebs that comedians love to offer up as blood sacrifices every time they wish to make a point like drumroll…Lindsay Lohan (read on).

Maher also poked fun at an entire race when he offered,

“Ageism is the last acceptable prejudice in America. Well that and Asian drivers.”

I think it’s fair to say that the twenty seconds of laughter this joke generated will likely encourage Asians to vote for anyone else except Brown (if Brown indeed runs) in 2016.

Maher championed Brown more by claiming he not only took a broken state and fixed it but he did it in his seventies. Maher then made a few age-related jokes about Brown in an attempt to show just how easy it is to make fun of someone’s age.

Second Tip: Take Down B-String, Strung-out Celebs

Maher then went through laundry list of B-celebs to further convince us Brown is young at heart. Maher brought up how “Jane Fonda looks like she’s 40 (um, I beg to differ) and Lorde (18) looks like she’s 40.” He then mentions how Diana Nyad was 64 when she swam from Cuba to Florida but gets lots of laughs when he tacks on:

“Lindsay Lohan is 28 and can’t make it across the room.”

Maher looks down for what seems like an eternity, licks his lips and waits till the laughter ceases before rattling off,

Tony Bennett is 88 and Lady Gaga is using him to seem relevant.”

To cement his point on ageism further, Maher asks:

“And where do people go when they want advice on the most important thing in the universe? Money. They go to 84 year old Warren Buffet.”

Then Maher ups the ante by bringing up just how good the Rolling Stones are while adding: Justin Bieber sucks.”

Tip 3: Close with Fat and Fart Jokes

Maher can’t resist telling us how Brown runs three miles a day then in the same breath taking a potshot at New Jersey Governor Christy’s weight.

Perhaps the only comment that Americans on both sides of the aisle can agree with is that CNN made a huge mistake by replacing talk show great Larry King with British game show host Piers Morgan.

Maher closes by emphasizing again how unfair it is that Americans discriminate against the old and venerate the young. He uses our society’s latest fixation on derrières to complain how Millennials should be called GenearationA$$. Hmm, after seeing Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda fart remix (lol) on make social media rounds, Maher surprisingly ends on a high note.