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Lena Dunham Cancels* Her Book Tour, Because People Actually Read Her Book

Actress Lena Dunham has published a memoir in which the 28-year-old uses two charged words to describe a pattern of behavior that she demonstrated as a seven-year-old girl.

Those two words are “sexual predator.”

As her pal Barack Obama might say, let’s be clear. No one accused Lena Dunham of being a sexual predator. Dunham uses those words against herself, in her own book about herself, which she wrote.

In her newly published collection of personal essays, Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham describes experimenting sexually with her younger sister Grace, whom she says she attempted to persuade to kiss her using “anything a sexual predator might do.” In one particularly unsettling passage, Dunham experimented with her six-year younger sister’s vagina. “This was within the spectrum of things I did,” she writes.

So it’s not the “right wing” accusing Dunham of anything that Dunham did not in fact admit doing.


Now Dunham is outraged, and Jimmy Kimmel has leaped to her defense.

Dunham is pretty clearly exhibiting the exhibitionist, outrageous behavior that has made her famous. Kimmel probably just doesn’t have a clue. Like most of the people who have facilitated Dunham’s rise to fame, he hasn’t checked the story for himself. That’s what he has producers for.

Dunham has now called off hour book tour, probably the first time ever that a celebrity’s book tour has been canceled because people actually read and responded to that book and what its author chose of her own free will to put in it.

Dunham lobbed serious charges at her 7-year-old self — that she frequently and repeatedly molested her younger sister — that she is now trying to blame on others.

Which is what sociopaths do.

As for Kimmel’s claim that a 7-year-old cannot be accused of molesting younger children, of course they can. Especially if they confess, as Lena Dunham has. Is her brand one that Kimmel wishes to remain attached to? It’s his choice now.

It’s sickening that, at this point, commentary about Dunham’s confessions are largely limited to blogs on the right. Does the so-called mainstream press have nothing to say about any of this? The leftwing Huffington Post has jumped into the fray — on Dunham’s side. Tellingly, the HuffPo left out the part in which Dunham actually used the phrase “sexual predator” against herself.

It would be a service to the country and culture if the modestly talented and very immodest Lena Dunham would now fade away from fame and get help. But that’s not likely. The edgy actress reveals in her book that she loves being famous and she loves wealth and she loves shopping and buying things. The confessed child molesting leftwing actress is quite the materialist.

*To clarify, Dunham hasn’t canceled her entire book tour based on the allegations that she wrote about in her own book. She has canceled part of her book tour, because of the allegations that she engaged in sexually predatory behavior across about 10 years, that she wrote about in her own book.