Brokaw: Once Republicans Win the Senate, What Are They Willing to Surrender to Democrats On?

But the media are not biased. No siree.

MSNBC Host Peter Alexander: “Give us a sense, if you can. Voters are angry, they’re disappointed, they’re frustrated. So walk us through what Americans are thinking right now.”


Tom Brokaw: “They are thinking that they would like to have Washington get something done. And the question is not just which party can get it done, but how can they change the tone in Washington so they can work together. I was listening to Governor Haley Barber a moment ago and no one is shrewder in the Republican Party than Haley. Last week Senator Portman from Ohio was talking about the agenda for the Republicans if they gain control over the Senate. The question then is what are they prepared to give to the Democrats to meet them at middle ground? What they are going to do about immigration? What are they are going to do about the minimum wage? Things have not been done in the last couple of years and in part because both parties have staked out positions at either end of the spectrum and refused to meet in the middle. That’s the question I think that the country is really fed up with. As you go around America, the city councils in Seattle, in Los Angeles and Atlanta are getting things done because they work together. It doesn’t happen in Washington.”

When the Democrats were poised to take over Congress in 2006, the media didn’t pre-emptively seek compromise Republicans. They wanted action.


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