VIDEO - This Dallas Nurse Beat Ebola, Heads Home to See Her Dog

By my count, America is 5-0 against Ebola. The two missionaries, the NBC photographer and now both Dallas nurses who contracted the disease have now beaten it. The New York case was probably caught early enough to make it six, though there remains the possibility that that victim may have exposed others. The Obama administration’s response to Ebola has been dreadful, but if any country can defeat Ebola, it’s still America.


Dallas nurse Nina Pham is the latest to survive the deadly virus. She is now Ebola-free and recovering well. She gave a brief statement today in which she thanked God, her doctors and nurses, and her family and friends. It took her less than two weeks to beat the disease, but she had to be transferred to one of the four US Ebola-ready hospitals. She’s now heading home.

Thomas Duncan brought Ebola to Dallas from Liberia, and he infected Pham and nurse Amber Vinson before he died of the disease. His family are considering suing Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for “misdiagnosing” him, but that lawsuit will be complicated by Texas’ 2003 tort reform law, which has successfully cut down on frivolous lawsuits, and by the fact that he did not tell hospital staff that he had been exposed to Ebola. He also lied on his exit forms when he left Liberia bound for Dallas.


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