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Jindal Mocks Four Stages of Obama's 'School of Crisis Management'

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal mocked President Obama’s “School of Crisis Management” stages including feigning anger, demanding more money from Congress and declaring that Republicans are standing in the way.

Jindal tweeted the stages on Saturday, and elaborated on them yesterday on Fox.

“First he tells us he’s got this, his second step is he pretends madness. His third step, and now you see we’re actually getting to that third step now, he and his surrogates say they simply need more of our money. His fourth step finds a way to blame the Republicans,” the governor said. “We have seen this before. We saw it with the oil spill. Time and time again this president has shown his incompetence.”

“He told us the virus wasn’t going to come here, then it did. He told us it wasn’t going to spread and then it did. He feigns anger, he says he needs more money, the next step, it’s coming, it’s going to be the republicans fault. I guarantee you, it’s predictable, it’s going to happen.”

Jindal said the stages are “all about managing the 24-hour news cycle.”

“It’s all about politics. It’s all about appearances and perception. The problem is we’ve got a commander in chief, we’ve got a president who’s never run anything before,” he said. “We see his incompetence on display here. This is malpractice now but it’s not the first time. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the failures domestically.”

“We saw it up close here in Louisiana with the oil spill. We saw it overseas with a failed red line. You just heard this nurse say — unfortunately, we saw this during the oil spill — they don’t want to listen to the people on the front lines. The so-called experts they don’t want to display common sense,” Jindal continued.

“Why not, for example, why not implement this travel ban? I called for it several days ago — a couple weeks ago. So, now you’re beginning to see elected officials, both Democrat and Republican, join in for this call. They’re not making common-sense decisions. Sometimes the so-called smartest guys in government are sometimes the dumbest guys. Why not use common sense?”

Last week, Jindal, a potential 2016 candidate, unloaded on Obama in a string of tweets about the president’s incompetence.