South Korean Defense Ministry: NoKo Prepared for 'Full Scale Wars'

Well, that’s a comfort.

North Korea has set its sights on unification and is readying for war, South Korea’s Ministry of Defense informed the National Assembly on Tuesday.

“After declaring 2015 the year of completing unification, North Korea has been prepared for full-scale wars,” the defense ministry wrote in its annual audit report.

Those preparations have in the last year included increased missile tests and acquisition of rocket launchers, the doubling of military training exercise participants, and enhanced attack capabilities.


The one upside to paying a lot of attention to the news these days is that there is always something new and awful to distract from whatever began the day as the most worrisome thing. Remember just two months ago when we were all talking about Hamas?

My friend and Ricochet editor Jon Gabriel has been saying for quite some time that all of the world’s bad actors know they pretty much have carte blanche until Obama leaves office in 2017, at which point there may not be any good actors left.



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