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Rubio: If Obama's Policies Are Working, Why Won't Democrats Campaign With Him?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared on Fox today to note that for all the hype coming out of the Obama White House following the president’s economic speech, no Democrat really wants to be seen in the same state with him.

Sen. Rubio said, “None of these candidates are campaigning with him. If his policies were working out so well, they would all want him to come into their states and campaign with them.”

But that’s not happening. “In fact, they either don’t want him to come or when he comes to their state, they all avoid him. Why aren’t they campaigning on these things? Why aren’t they bragging about Obamacare in their ads? Instead they want their campaigns to be about all sorts of other issues. here is the bottom line, this country is not doing as well as it should be doing. This new century, an American century. This is a country right now that should be creating millions of jobs. We shouldn’t have to be forcing companies to stay here in this country and a lot of them are now leaving because of our tax code and so forth. We’re in a position where we are not fulfilling our potential as a nation or as a people. this should also be an american century. This is an exciting time. We are not taking full advantage of all of the opportunities of this new era and a lot of that is because of broad policies of big government that this president and his allies in the Senate have pursued.”