Hillary About To Become A Fixture On The Midterms Campaign Trail


Hillary Clinton has mapped out much of her political schedule through Election Day, an itinerary that focuses on helping Senate candidates and includes trips to a half-dozen states, including Kentucky and presidential early states Iowa and New Hampshire, according to details obtained by POLITICO.

The plan, which could see adjustments and additions as races hit critical points in the coming weeks, was the product of close work between Clinton chief-of-staff Huma Abedin and the Democratic campaign committees.

The final stretch of the midterms will mark Clinton’s most extensive political activity since she left the State Department early last year and requests for her to appear began pouring in from all corners of the country.

A major goal has been to navigate the former secretary of State’s concerns about spending time with her daughter and newborn granddaughter Charlotte, other commitments she’s made like book signings and some political commitments put in place weeks ago, along with her desire to help candidates facing tough races this fall, people close to her said.


This probably isn’t the way Team Lightbringer scripted this. The president is sitting on the sideline while his party’s candidates pretend they don’t know him while the former member of his administration with whom he had the least in common is being sought after for campaign help.

In typical Clinton Media Machine fashion, Her Madameship’s infant granddaughter is being used as a campaign pawn in an effort to paint Hillary as an oh-so-concerned family values candidate. This brings up a new battle front for 2016: the Democrats will try to remake the exceedingly unlikable Mrs. Clinton as a doting grandmother but her opponents will be taken to task for mentioning her age.

Good times ahead.


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