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Are You Ready for a Wendy Davis Flip-Flop on Football?

Has Democrat governor candidate Wendy Davis flip-flopped on football? In Texas?

The Greg Abbott campaign has sent around a press release that makes a good case that the state senator who is originally from Rhode Island, and who pronounces Texas “Tak-sas,” has a convenient memory when it comes to Texas’ second religion.

SHOT: Today Sen. Davis Said She Has Been “Cheering For The Cowboys” Since She Was Young And Hasn’t Stopped Since. SEN. DAVIS: “And we wish our Cowboys the best. I grew up cheering for the Cowboys and I haven’t stopped ever since and I’ll be cheering for them again this year.” (KTCK-AM, 9/3/14)

Here’s the clip. It’s from earlier today.

Davis says clearly that she grew up cheering for the Cowboys, never stopped, and will be cheering for them again this year. So the Abbott campaign has rendered the quote accurately.

But, there are chasers to follow the shot above.

CHASER: In August Sen. Davis’ Daughter Said Her And Her Mother Were Both “Big Fans” Of The New England Patriots. “The two propose a tour of the family’s Spanish-style town house—starting with the media room, where Super Bowl parties are held (‘Mom’s best friend is Patti Kraft, whose father-in-law owns the Patriots, so we’re big fans,’ Amber tells me).” (Heidi Mitchell, “Stand And Deliver: After Her 12-Hour Filibuster, How Far Will Texas Senator Wendy Davis Run?,” Vogue, 8/15/13)

BuzzFeed: “[Sen. Davis] … Loves The New England Patriots.” “[Sen. Davis] hosts Super Bowl parties and loves the New England Patriots, which her BFF’s family owns.” (Jessica Testa, “6 Times Wendy Davis Was A ‘Cool Mom’ In Her Vogue Profile,” BuzzFeed, 8/15/13)Sen. Davis: “Go Pats!!!” (, 1/20/14)

This was posted on that now locked Facebook page. This year. Not at some distant point in the past. 2014.


I might be the wrong person to write about the Cowboys right now. They make me angry. I grew up in the era of Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett…a Cowboys era in which they won things. They won things early in the Jerry Jones era too — three Super Bowls in four years with Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith. But they have been mediocre since, and not just mediocre, but mediocre because Jerry Jones is not a football guy yet he has appointed himself general manager for life. They show no signs of getting above mediocrity, because Jerry Jones shows no signs of obtaining a clue.

All signs point to the Cowboys being terrible this year. They lost all of their pre-season games for the first time in 14 years. Their defense, the worst around last season, does not appear to have improved. The injury bug has hit them very hard. Tony Romo and the play callers can be expected to throw away at least two games in the crucial playoff run-up. Football is one of my two big sports (soccer the other), but I don’t even intend to pay them much attention this year. So, disclosure is out of the way.

It’s no crime to change one’s football allegiance. Families are often split, brother against brother, over gridiron allegiances.

But Wendy Davis has clearly flip-flopped here, unless her excuse is that she supports both teams. Who does she support when the Cowboys and the Patriots face each other? Texans have a right to know.

Houston is a major Texas city. Like Dallas, they have a team that pretends to be in the NFL. What is Wendy Davis’ opinion of the Texans? Or “Tak-sans”, as she pronounces the word?

Texans are big hearted and can forgive lots of things, but lying about football? That crosses a bright chalk line.