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Hillary and Obama and the Present Idiocracy

Barack Obama, 44th President of These United States, told an “I was too high to remember!” joke today — at a high school graduation.

“I have to say, I do not remember my high school graduation speaker,” Obama says. “I have no idea who it was. I’m sure I was thinking about the party after graduation. Um. I don’t remember the party either.”

To great laughs and guffaws. He’s so cool!

This is our president. Getting laughs out of the fact that he had a drug habit to such an extent that if he was not the president, he could not get a security clearance.

Going by the evidence, Hillary Clinton may not have finished high school. Or maybe she slept through history class. She thinks that Abe Lincoln was a “senator from Illinois.”

Abe Lincoln was never a US senator. He was never a state senator, either. He was never a senator at all.

Hillary, or her speechwriters, could have Googled that.

Who knew that Idiocracy was a prophecy?