Did Obama Trade 5 Terrorists in Order to Try a Traitor?

If, as some in Bowe Bergdahl’s unit have alleged, he was not a P.O.W., but at best a deserter, possibly a traitor, the penalty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice can be death for either offense.


And if that is so, then it’s possible that President Obama traded away five detained Muslim terrorists in order to retrieve a traitor.

For what? So we can court-martial and then execute him?

The facts as we know them will likely change in the coming days, but what we now hear is deeply disturbing. And as of this writing, the Pentagon and the White House have not addressed the most concerning of these allegations.

As to Defense Secretary Hagel’s assertion that we urgently had to make the deal to protect Berhdahl’s health, the media reported as early as June 2012 that a Gitmo prisoner swap for Bergdahl was in the works, even giving the accurate Taliban terrorist count contemplated in the deal. So what was the rush two years later?

I’m hoping that the actual facts are different than this. The president’s actions make no sense, except under a most-bizarre and frightening scenario.


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