New York Times Gives Harry Reid's 'SCARY KOCH BROTHERS!' Story A Subtle Hand

It is no secret by now that Harry Reid spends his work hours in a semi-waking state, drooling and muttering “Koch brothers” whenever he senses a camera nearby. And, as the Democrats can’t really point to any accomplishments this election year, they desperately need to make the electorate focus on various nonsensical distractions, like the Koch brothers taking over American politics or “income inequality”.


As it is difficult for most Americans to take the Senate Majority Leader seriously, a little help is in order. Enter the official publication of the Democratic National Committee, aka the New York Times.

Democrats in races that will help determine control of the Senate are rapidly burning through their campaign cash, whittling away their financial advantage over Republican opponents as they fend off attacks from conservative groups, according to figures released through Friday.

The spending on both sides underscores the critical role that outside conservative groups are playing as Republicans try to retake the Senate. In state after state, organizations like Americans for Prosperity, the nonprofit linked to David and Charles Koch, have kept Democrats on the defensive with a barrage of negative ads while establishment-backed Republican candidates raise money and navigate their way through primaries.

In yet another piece lamenting money in politics (the Republican kind), the Times takes all of three sentences to drop in a Koch brothers reference. Coincidence? Sure, just like a diet of Twinkies, beer and pizza and obesity are a coincidence.

It is somewhat telling that the “BIG REPUBLICAN MONEY” stories are starting this early in the year. The Democrats usually only get this canard going when they know they’re about to get their clocks cleaned. They can’t ever admit that the GOP might be appealing to people with ideas, it has to be the money. Of course, Big Labor’s infusion of cash and bodies for get out the vote efforts is never mentioned.


For the record, Americans for Prosperity (which is only partially funded by the Kochs) and all of the other Republican stalwarts when it comes to contributions were spending just as much, if not more, money in 2012 and we know how that turned out. So much for the Moneybags Illuminati buying an election whenever they want to.

This entire piece in the Times was written just to get in the Koch brothers mention. It’s how they work. Some media entities like MSNBC are heavy-handed with their biases. The Grey Lady, however, has been doing this longer than any of the others and knows how to slip it right by people.


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