VIDEO -- MSNBC's Supposed Savior Now Leaving It Up to Viewers to Tell Him What Stories to Cover

Ronan Farrow arrived to an anchor chair at MSNBC as the network’s alleged next big thing, with no broadcast experience whatsoever. His ratings have stunk. While news networks have covered Russia, the missing airplane, political stories of the day, Farrow went off the rails with a feature about Bronies. His brief run hasn’t been good.


Now, it looks like he’s just throwing in the towel and letting his four or five viewers tell him what stories he should cover.

Farrow said, “Welcome back to the program everybody. Now it is your chance to tell us which under-reported story you want us to cover next. You can send your nominations on twitter and Facebook using the hash tag RFDunder and I’m hearing from the control room right now, what we’re getting. We have chatter about the polio-like virus spreading in California. Some requests for Venezuela updates, and some interest in congressional hearings on sunscreen. All right. Because Kurt Vonnegut did not say, always wear sunscreen. Keep quoting. We’re going to be right back.”

Nothing about Leland Yee? Benghazi? The IRS scandal? Shocking…


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