Scott Walker Signs Bill Ending Early Weekend Voting

I like the guy’s style.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Thursday signed a measure into law that eliminates absentee voting on weekends ahead of elections but vetoed a provision that restricted weekday voting hours across the state.

Wisconsin law allows voters to cast absentee ballots by mail or hand them in to their polling places before election day. Supporters have said the new law creates uniform and fair rules, while critics have said it disenfranchises voters.


As I wrote here last week, Democrats are against any rules whatsoever for voting.

I have been travelling out of town for a living since Ronald Reagan was in office and have always managed to be around on election days to vote so I have never really been moved by people who can’t seem to get to the polls from the same city. This isn’t about making it easier to vote, it’s about making it easier to cheat, as are all of the relaxed voting rules. Richard Nixon’s reelection had a higher percentage turnout (60.7%) than Barack Obama’s (57.5%), even with all of its supposedly disenfranchising election rules. If Democrats had their way all the time, you would be able to pantomime a vote for a presumptive candidate up to ten years in advance.

I probably shouldn’t even kid about things like that. Every time we think they can’t be any more absurd they seem determined to prove us wrong.


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