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Signs Of Looming Disharmony For The Democrats?

Per the higher-ups in the GOP and many in the media, we’re all supposed to just roll over and accept that Madame Clinton will steamroll her way to the Democratic nomination and the White House in 2016 but regular readers here know that I am not buying it.


The one Democrat who never talks about Mrs. Bill being in the White House is the Democrat who lives there now. In the past, sitting presidents would stay out of speculation about their successors because they were worried about presidential decorum and things like that.

President Obama was on an Internet comedy show last week doing what amounted to an infomercial for Obamacare. I don’t think decorum crosses his mind much.

And he does have opinions about the future of the Democratic party.

President Barack Obama said on Wednesday Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick – a rising Democratic star – would make “a great president or vice president” but will likely take a break when his eighth and final year as state chief executive ends.

“Deval’s done a great job and I think (it) signals that he could be very successful at the federal level as well,” Obama told Boston NBC station New England Cable News.

While making up her mind about 2016, Her Missuship has been starting to distance herself from the most recent man responsible for getting her a job in politics.


The alliance between Hillary and President Obama was always an uncomfortable, and probably unholy, one. But so is the one she has with the man she has been married to for decades. There is no love lost between the two most powerful camps in the Democratic party. Sure, Bill busted out the Bubba charm at the DNC in 2012, but that was more about the long game for Hillary than about helping Obama.

The Democrats need the Clintons and the president to play nice for this all to keep Hillary awake long enough to pull this off. That would require President Obama to do something for the greater good of the party.

A tough sell to a guy who is always in it just for himself.

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