Only Obama Could Manage to Make March Madness Lame and Uncool

Remember that guy in high school who tried to be cool but never really was? People would sort of pretend that he was cool, and he thought he was, but everyone really knew that he was being clingy, trying too hard, flattering to insinuate and even deceive, and just wasn’t it.


That guy is now the president. And he hired a bunch of people just like him. They keep inviting themselves to the cool party.


The “reasons” in the brackets are just…sad. Also, dishonest. Here are a few of them.



None of these are true. Birth control isn’t free, it’s a thing that someone has to make; Obamacare just makes nuns and other people pay for it. Insurance companies flip the “discriminate” bit by overcharging everyone. Great! Sure, there’s no lifetime limit…if you can get covered at all. And actually, the IPAB exists to enforce a lifetime limit on coverage. They’ll just cut off paying for your healthcare. Insurance companies were accountable to consumers, now they’re accountable to unelected bureaucrats. This is better?


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