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Wife Says Democrat Alan Grayson Wages One-Man War on Women

Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson has never presented the most stable of public personas. He’s the Democrat who said that Republican health care reform plans amount to “die quickly,” an insult that would probably be more accurate if it were applied to Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board aka the “death panels.”


Now, Grayson is involved in a domestic violence situation.

A judge has granted a temporary protective injunction against U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, after his wife filed paperwork accusing the Orlando congressman of shoving and injuring her during an incident this weekend.

Lolita Grayson’s petition for the injunction, dated Monday, says her husband pushed her against a door, causing her to fall to the ground, during a confrontation Saturday at their home on Oak Park Road, near Windermere.

In a statement, Alan Grayson’s press secretary Lauren Doney wrote that the allegations “are absolutely false, completely unfounded, and clearly designed to vilify and harm Congressman Grayson.”

According to the petition, Lolita Grayson was preparing to take the couple’s two youngest children to a play date when Alan Grayson “showed up, unannounced,” and asked to speak to her inside.

After she refused, retrieved his mail and asked him to leave, Alan Grayson “then deliberately and with force pushed [Lolita Grayson] very hard against the front door, causing [her] to fall to the ground as a result,” the petition states.

She told her husband not to touch her, then pushed him in the face and kneed him in the stomach “in order to protect and defend herself,” before calling 911, her petition says.

As she was talking to the operator, Alan Grayson told his wife, in the presence of their children, that she “would receive nothing” in their divorce and would be left “in the gutter,” the petition states.


Mrs. Grayon’s complaint accuses him of getting violent with her more than once in the past.

Grayson’s office is responding with class and restraint. Just kidding — it’s calling Mrs. Grayson crazy.

In the statement released by his office, Alan Grayson said it was his wife who initiated the violence.

“Sadly, it was Ms. Grayson who physically attacked the Congressman as he attempted to visit with his children. He did not respond to Ms. Grayson’s violent assault,” the statement said.

It added that Lolita Grayson has become “increasingly erratic” since filing for divorce, and her husband “is deeply concerned by her recent behavior and is profoundly pained by her accusations.”

Watch the national media not cover this extensively, and not force all other Democrats to answer for Grayson’s behavior. Everyone knows that if Grayson was a Republican, the media would hound other Republicans and force them to say something about him.

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