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New Caption Contest: Is the White House Advance Team Secretly Working for the Republicans?

Photo Credit: Stephen Crowley, New York Times


Today, this photo was brought to my attention in an email with the subject line: “Begging for a caption contest.” Do you agree?


It was New York Times photographer Stephen Crowley that took and tweeted the photo.

The caption accompanying it read: Obama, “We believe the Ukrainian people should be able to decide their own future.”

Now, at this writing, it looks as if Putin is not planning on invading Ukraine. Does that mean Putin “has blinked,” and WWIII has been delayed? Does it also mean that Putin can now return to his normal bare-chested manly activities?

Meanwhile, let’s discuss the parameters of this new caption contest.

It is my theory that the White House advance team is working for the Republican National Committee.  If not, how on earth could they let President Obama speak while standing on this rug? What is also amazing timing is that two days ago on Fox News Sunday, Mike Rogers (R-MI) Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee told Chris Wallace, “I think Putin is playing chess and I think we’re playing marbles.”

So now Obama is showing us the rug on which he actually plays marbles! Children and world leaders everywhere are delighted!


Seriously, is the White House gang responsible for this rug speech the same ones who released the photo that is the subject of our latest caption contest currently raging?

That one features an equally politically embarrassing “official White House” photo of Obama wearing tight jeans while talking on the phone with President Putin in the Oval Office.

Both photos, days apart, indicate that something has gone terribly wrong in the White House Office of Smoke and Mirrors “Optics Department.” Can anyone guess what has caused this breakdown?

While you are pondering that question, let’s have some fun with this stately new presidential rug, playing or losing one’s marbles, and the guy in the door to the left that is wondering, “Am I about to get fired?”





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