Obama Is Now Underwater…in Minnesota

Having worked politics and punditry in Texas for a few years now, Battleground Texas amuses me. They believe that they can turn red Texas blue just by waiting around on demographics. They believe that policy doesn’t really matter, and that their longstanding disagreement with the majority of Texans on a range of issues won’t really halt their inevitable path to power.


A funny thing happened to that kind of thinking: Facts.

Minnesota, perennially blue, is now rejecting what Battleground Texas and their hero Barack Obama are selling.

Half of the residents of Minnesota now disapprove of President Obama’s performance, according to a new poll.

Results of The Star Tribune survey represent the first time that his approval rating has turned negative in the state since the president took office in 2009.

Obama’s job approval rating in the poll has fallen to 43 percent.

Men had an especially unfavorable opinion of the president. According to the poll, 60 percent of Minnesotan men disapproved of his job performance, compared to 40 percent of women in the state.

People under 34 had the highest approval rating for Obama, with 59 percent saying they thought he was doing a good job in office.

So Obama still has the youth vote, but Obamacare could change that once younger Americans recognize that they voted for a guy who thinks forcing them to subsidize older, mostly richer people’s health care is “just part of growing up.”


At any rate, I await Democrats and their Battleground groups rushing to condemn Minnesota’s racism and intolerance. That’s the only explanation for why their champion isn’t doing so well there now, right?


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