Maryland School Throws Party for Straight-A Students, Parents of Underachievers Respond Predictably

Old school.

A Maryland middle school is holding a dance and pizza party complete with a DJ and a game room for students who earned straight A’s.

Students who got B’s and C’s are invited to attend the party once classes are over, and pizza is no longer being served. Students with lower grades are not invited at all, The Washington Post reported.

According to the newspaper’s report, 306 students of the school’s 865 students are being left out of the party.


Before college, I spent six years being educated by nuns and six years in public schools. I know for a fact that I learned far more from the good sisters who never at any time cared about my feelings. We have just pumped out a generation or two of emo morons because educators began focusing on not making under-performing students feel bad about themselves.

Many will, of course, confuse incentive with shame here. And I am sure that some of those 306 students who are being left out have some legitimate learning issues.


The bottom line here is that, in the rush to coddle students who struggle in school we have almost stigmatized those who do well. Such an extraordinary effort is made to not formally praise them that it diminishes the hard work it takes to get straight A’s. This kind of reward is refreshing in the Participation Trophy Era.



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