Greaaaat: Now We're Importing Air Pollution From China

Deep breaths, everyone.

Pollution from China travels in large quantities across the Pacific Ocean to the United States, a new study has found, making environmental and health problems unexpected side effects of US demand for cheap China-manufactured goods.

On some days, acid rain-inducing sulphate from burning of fossil fuels in China can account for as much as a quarter of sulphate pollution in the western United States, a team of Chinese and American researchers said in the report published by the US National Academy of Sciences, a non-profit society of scholars.

Cities like Los Angeles received at least an extra day of smog a year from nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide from China’s export-dependent factories, it said.


This information, true or not (the NAS is a big Climate Church propagandist organization these days), will probably be used to justify some nonsensical restrictions businesses here that do absolutely nothing to mitigate the actual problem. If I had written that a few years ago you’d all be calling me a conspiracy nut.

But you’ve met this president’s EPA.


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