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Selfie Twitterstorm Prompts Presidential Hand-Holding

The Twitter storm over President Obama’s selfie and chatty exchange with the Danish prime minister at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service apparently caught up with the White House enough for the first couple to add a smidge of PDA.

The White House pool report noted that neither Barack nor Michelle were seen on Air Force One on the flight back to the United States.

President George W. Bush got off the plane at Senegal to go give a speech, leaving Laura with the Obamas on the rest of the flight home.

After Marine One touched down at the White House, “POTUS emerged at 6:01 AM with FLOTUS right behind him.”

“The pair held hands on the walk into the WH,” the pool report noted.

Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett were also on the chopper. Obama did not respond to a shouted question about the budget deal.

It wasn’t just the right noting Michelle’s chilly reaction to Obama’s fun: