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Leftist Admits: 'Redistribution Is Something Democrats Believe In'

Leftwing radio host Leslie Marshall appeared on Fox News today and admitted something that most of her fellow Democrats deny: That as a party, Democrats believe in redistributing Americans’ property. Such redistribution must follow confiscation — using government to arbitrarily take some Americans’ property from them in order to hand it over to someone else. Marshall made the admission during a debate on Obamacare, after news broke that the Obama administration has banned the word “redistribution” from its lexicon on the subject of its failing healthcare law.

Marshall’s admission comes at the end of the segment below, after host Bill Hemmer plays the 2008 clip of Obama lecturing “Joe the Plumber” on “spreading the wealth around.”

In reply, Marshall talks up using government power to “provide” things for some Americans: “Absolutely, redistribution is something Democrats believe in, myself as well.”