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Swiss Hippie Socialists Force Referendum On Executive Pay

Zero sum idiots.

Switzerland may be known for watches, wealth and secretive bank accounts, but increasingly people believe that not everyone is reaping their share of the country’s economic well-being.

So on Sunday, the Swiss will vote on a referendum that would limit a CEO’s pay to 12 times that of the company’s lowest-paid worker.

The youth wing of the Social Democratic Party collected the 100,000 signatures necessary to turn the measure, known as the 1:12 initiative, into a national referendum.

David Roth, head of the party’s youth wing, says that 25 years ago Swiss CEOs made six times more than the average worker; today, they earn more than 40 times as much. Roth says in a country of 8 million, 400,000 workers don’t make enough to live on.

“I think we have to change something, because otherwise we’ll go in a direction like the USA did in the last decade where people get homeless, for example, and other people had millions of dollars,” he says. “It’s a big problem if you have such inequality in a rich country.”

Is this a glimpse into the future here? The zero sum morons pollute academia now and are cranking out millions of “educated” kids who believe the “I’m poor because he’s rich” insanity. They actually believe that if the CEOs make less the money will flow directly into their pockets.

Oh, these fringe loons are in charge of the Democrats too.

Hope. Change.