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Photo Caption Contest Winner: President Obama Through the Looking Glass

Credit: Drudge Report

Credit: Drudge Report


Great job everyone! The entries to our latest contest exceeded my extremely high expectations.

You all make it so difficult for the judges to pick one grand prize winner that they went with four.

Blackgriffin, a first time winner wrote this zinger:

“Ah, now I see it, right down there – what little remains of my credibility.”

HiPlanesDrifter entertained us with:

Little Boy Thought Bubble: ‘Even as a 1st grader, I don’t need a looking glass to see through all your lies.’

Formerly Steve Smith:

If you like your magnified self image, then you can keep your magnified self image.

The judges also selected “the people’s choice,” an entry from our Caption King Emeritus Cfbleachers who earned nine “likes” for this caption:

Here take this, Mister Obama. It helps to find clues and I heard you haven’t got one.

Here are the rest of the best:

Chris Henderson (our reigning Caption King) wrote:

The Private Eye Sector is doing fine.

Zip Code (a Caption King wanna-be) won with:

Do you boys and girls know what lessons you need to take to become the
President? (All in unison— GOLF!)


Obama Thought Bubble: ‘Maybe if I hold this thing right, I’ll win a Nobel Prize in Science to go with my other one.’


Little boy: “Hey you a dumb guy, Mr. President, that’s not gonna make today’s 5 new enrollees any bigger.”

Formally Steve Smith: (again)

Those 100 million Obama enrollees must be there somewhere.


From the people who brought you the Obamaphone ™ and ObamaCare ™: It’s the Obamafier! ™ Makes even the smallest approval ratings look GIGANTIC!!!

Here are two more from our first Caption King cfbleachers (who started the ultra-competitive nature of our contest a few years back.)

(from the little boy) Can I borrow a red crayon, I want to practice drawing lines.

Thought bubble of the little boy: “Is that your conscience?”

RockThisTown (another royal Caption King) gave us six winners:

“I’m giving each and every child here today one of these things – because it’s the only way your parents’ paychecks will be made bigger!”

“Look real close, kids & you can see how much the unemployment rate has come down.”

“My specialty is micro-economics, where I take huge amounts of money & reduce them to small amounts of money.”

“See kids, this thing helps you look onto other kids’ test papers – it’s how I got through college & law school!”

“This is great for counting all those zeros in $17 trillion!”

“Hey, you’re right! The rise of the oceans is beginning to slow, but I still can’t see where the earth is healing.”

(In case you forgot, this caption is based on an infamous Obama speech that he gave in June, 2008 after capturing the Democratic nomination. Now, I dare you to listen to this speech and still manage to keep your lunch down.)

Oops, will someone please bring me a towel?

So while I was busy cleaning up… I almost forgot to say, “See you all next time a photo is worthy of a PJ Media Photo Caption Contest.”