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Looking for the First Honest Progressive Pundit

On Thursday, President Obama finally apologized for the debacle that is Obamacare. He also offered a “fix” that may be illegal and quickly drew criticism from the insurance industry, rejection from several states, and fear from vulnerable Democrats. Now even Obama loyalist Nancy Pelosi has reversed herself and favors a legislative, rather than administrative, fix.

Outside the real action on the law, are the people who helped Obama sell it. For five years, the likes of Matt Yglesias, Ezra Klein, Josh Marshall, the whiz kids of wonkery, defended and promoted Obama and his law as just the best things ever. They said things like this.

They attacked and critiqued conservative pundits who critiqued Obamacare. They defended Obamacare against any and all criticisms and challenges for years.

They even admitted to lying in order to get Obamacare or something like it passed.

Not one single progressive pundit, wonk or apologist ever predicted that Obamacare would be a disaster. No one in the old guard, no one in the new guard. Not Paul Krugman. Not Think Progress. No one.

Here’s the thing. Obamacare was a predictable disaster. Many of us in the center and on the right predicted it would be a disaster. Repeatedly. We also called out Obama’s lies, only for the progs to smear us for years.

We have been vindicated. The Tea Party that rose up to stop Obamacare, only to be smeared as racists, has also been vindicated. The progs have been proven wrong. Every Obamacare critic has been proved right. Every Obama apologist has much to answer for.

Which prog pundit will be the first to come out and admit that they they got it wrong for five years? Which will admit that they assisted Obama’s lies and dishonestly foisted a terrible law on the nation? Anyone?