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Obama to Waste Time in Texas Urging Gov. Perry to do Something that He Cannot and Will Not Do

Tuesday, President Obama’s online troops urged Illinois voters to get out and vote even though there was no election in taking place in Illinois.

That gaffe could be blamed on his staff. The email had Obama’s name on it, but no one believes that he actually wrote it and hit the “Send” button.

Today, President Obama is doing something even more useless than that.

He is in Dallas, where he will urge Gov. Rick Perry to expand Medicaid for the sake of Obamacare.

Obamacare isn’t popular in Texas. Perry has consistently opposed it, as has every other elected statewide official in Texas. Attorney General Greg Abbott joined the lawsuit to block Obamacare. Now he’s the frontrunner for governor. Sen. Ted Cruz waged a 21-hour speaking war to get it defunded. That made him a folk hero here.

But supposing that Perry even wants to expand Medicaid to boost Obamacare. He doesn’t, but suppose for the sake of whatever that he does.

Even if Perry wants to, the fact is, he can’t.

The Texas legislature has to vote on that, and it is not in session. Its 2013 session ended weeks ago. It won’t be back into session until 2015.

By the time the legislature can vote on what Obama wants, Rick Perry won’t even be the governor anymore.

Therefore President Obama is just wasting everyone’s time goading Gov. Perry into doing something that he would never do, and cannot by law do even if he wanted to.

Did none of the president’s handlers ever bother to check on any of this? Does the famously brilliant president ever stop to ask a single question about anything that he does, anyplace he goes, or any speech that he gives?

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