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The Emmanuel Goldstein-ing of Ted Cruz

Obamacare is a disaster, but the leftists who supported it don’t seem to care about that. They’re singling out and pack attacking one of the Republicans who tried to save America from Obamacare. Take a look at this section of headlines from Memeorandum today.



David Corn leads the Emmanuel Goldstein-ing of Ted Cruz, but the hate is clearly coming straight from the Democratic Party leadership, as the second section shows. It’s not accidental. It’s a party strategy to single Cruz out and pour hate on him, make him radioactive and unelectable. Democrats successfully did the same thing to Sarah Palin, and will do the same to any genuine leader who emerges among the GOP. Why would Reid really care if a Cruz nomination hurts the GOP? As a partisan Democrat, isn’t that what he wants? He doesn’t care. It’s a strategy to destroy Cruz. If Reid really thought Ted Cruz would be bad for the GOP, he would shut up and hope that Cruz wins the nomination in 2016. Bob Beckel on The Five would do the same thing, but instead, he hates on Cruz for a least a few minutes of every show, every day.

Corn probably doesn’t care that attacking Cruz’s father legitimizes attacks on Barack Obama’s illegal-alien aunt and drunk-driving uncle. Maybe he just didn’t think that far ahead. I’ve seen him in action in person. The only impressive part of him is his unjustifiably vast ego.

Local Texas media show up in the Goldstein-ing campaign too: Trail Blazers Blog is the Dallas Morning News’ politics blog. It’s supposed to be unbiased, but it’s blazing a trail straight to the hard but conventional left. Ted Cruz is Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn all rolled up in one, dontcha know.

This is how attacks will tend to flow across the media landscape for Ted Cruz. It won’t matter to the media — and I know, from having spoken with several Texas media recently — that he has been vindicated for fighting Obamacare and for not trusting the Obama administration on other issues such as immigration. It won’t matter. At all. Word will go out from the DNC or OfA that Cruz must be attacked, and so he will be attacked. And many media will attack him without needing orders. It’s just what they do. There won’t be a memo, just a sense passed along the grapevine or the current iteration of JournoList.

That the Democrats are attacking Cruz for the same racist reason that they blocked Miguel Estrada from the courts — because he is Hispanic, and therefore a threat to capture a demographic Democrats covet — will not even be addressed in the media.

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