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Sudden Media Interest in Benghazi: Safe for Obama But Not for Hillary?

It may have taken more than a year, but there is some tepid media interest in what really happened in Benghazi. 60 Minutes aired an investigative report on Sunday night and even Chris Matthews tapped a little outrage over the subject that had been buried deep within him.

Obviously, questions and outrage would have been nice immediately after the tragedy (how does one take more than a year to get worked up about something like this?) and before the election last year, but we all know how this game is played.

This entire fiasco may not have wreaked havoc with President Obama’s election chances, but is there a possibility it will damage the one real hope the Democrats have for 2016?

According to the Rasmussen poll, over two fifths of Americans believe that the continuing fallout from Benghazi will hurt Clinton’s chances if she decides to make a run for the White House

Ever skeptical of political media motives, I can’t help but wonder if the timing of this sudden curiosity isn’t designed to help both Obama and Clinton.

It’s too late for any real immediate damage to the former and it may be too early for it to affect Herself much for the next election. In our short-attention-span world, it is a bit wishful to think that this story will be much more than a very muddy, distant memory to the average American voter three years from now.

With luck, the current scrutiny can be used to damage Team Hillary now so her inevitability takes a hit.