Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson Attacks the Tea Party with a Burning Cross

Rep. Alan “die quickly” Grayson has topped even his own record for insanely hateful politics. The Florida Democrat sent this out in a fundraising email Monday night.




It’s not even worth mocking Democrats for their “new tone” schtick this time. They never believed any of it. The “new tone” was only a device to put Republicans on the defensive, and take a swing at the Second Amendment.

Above, though, is an example of hate speech that truly can inspire violence. The burning cross is among the most evocative images of hate from American history. Grayson’s email is the kind of over-the-top, irresponsible rhetoric that actually can inspire people to violence. Milder attacks than the above pushed Floyd Corkins to assault the Family Research Council in Washington. Linking the burning cross image to Al Sharpton’s show raises the question of whether Grayson is hoping to spark some kind of racial tension and violence.

So far, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have not stepped up to condemn this clearly hateful statement from Grayson. The NRCC is calling on them to step up, saying that there’s “no excuse” for it.

“There’s no excuse for the hateful words and imagery used by Congressman Grayson. House Democrats should swiftly and strongly condemn him and return the money he has raised for them. This hate-filled rhetoric has Americans fed up with Washington.” – Matt Gorman, NRCC Spokesman



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