McCain: Hey, Sorry About Calling Fellow Republicans 'Wacko Birds'

Sen. John McCain has not covered himself in glory in any of the recent political debates in Washington. After Sen. Ted Cruz delivered a courageous 21-hour filibuster — OK, it wasn’t technically a filibuster — to halt funding for Obamacare, McCain delivered what was basically the Democratic Party’s response. Months before that, McCain called Cruz and other Tea Party Republicans “wacko birds.”


Sen. McCain is at least sorry about the latter offense.

Sen. John McCain said Thursday that he’s worried about the Republican Party’s future and the infighting that is dividing it, calling efforts by conservatives to unseat incumbent Republican lawmakers “wrong.”

The famously wry McCain, R-Ariz., said he regretted calling the Tea Party wing of the Republican Senate conference “wacko birds” during budget negotiations, saying he’s learned to “never get personal” in political disputes.

But McCain remains worried about the growing number of Republicans attacking members of their own party.

“I do worry about the Republican Party,” he said at the Hero Summit hosted by The Daily Beast. “It’s the first time I have ever seen Republican senators running ads, raising money that is being used to attack incumbent Republican senators.”

McCain could stop insulting fellow Republicans and train some of his comments at Democrats. That would be a good start.

He could also decide not to hire liars itching to get the US into war in Syria.


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