Hillary To Emerge From Lair To Speak At Center For American Progress Anniversary

Run to the left for the nomination

Hillary Clinton will be the featured speaker at the tenth anniversary event later this month for the Center for American Progress, the influential Washington-based progressive think tank and activist group, POLITICO has learned.

Clinton’s remarks at the Oct. 24 event come as she continues to debate whether to launch a second presidential campaign – and put her before a critical policy group that is key for candidates looking to address progressive Democrats.


If she’s hitting up the progressives this early I would venture a guess that she really isn’t debating whether to run. She probably looks at the bumbling Idiot King in the White House every day and thinks, “I lost to that?!?!?” and feels entitled to the presidency.

As I have said before and will continue to say, please, please let the party of youthful diversity run a sixty nine year old wealthy white woman in 2016.


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