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Two Former Gitmo Detainees Have Gone Missing from El Salvador

Just imagine, if President Obama had fulfilled his promise to close Gitmo

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — Two former prisoners from Guantanamo who were transferred to El Salvador 17 months ago have quietly slipped out of this Central American nation.

When and how the two men, both ethnic Uighurs, left El Salvador is unknown, but their departure is sure to fuel worries that the United States has lost track of some Guantanamo detainees who have been released.

U.S. officials declined to say when they became aware that the former prisoners were no longer in El Salvador.

Uighurs familiar with the case said it is likely the two men headed to Turkey.

Or, they came north to live “in the shadows” in the United States. Let’s grant them citizenship!

Here’s a howler:

Without valid travel documents, it was unknown how the two Uighurs passed immigration. Justice and Public Security Minister Ricardo Perdomo, who is in charge of the nation’s borders, did not respond to an email.

Ever heard of identity theft? Or document forgery? Or just hiring a coyote to smooth the illegal traveler’s path?

Here’s another howler:

Musabay said he didn’t know where the two Uighurs went but said Turkey would be a logical choice since it is “like a European democratic country.”

A much more logical choice would be to go to a democratic country closer to El Salvador where some politicians who favor illegal immigration want to grant illegal aliens the right to vote. Officially, that is — our insecure elections already make illegal alien voting possible.

I’m not saying that the two are here in the US, just noting that there isn’t all that much standing in their way if this is where they want to be.