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Lawmakers To Get Syria WMD Briefing Before Being Roofied For Executive Action Reach-around

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Key lawmakers will get a classified briefing from the Obama administration on Thursday regarding Syria’s alleged slaughter of civilians using chemical weapons last week, two U.S. officials said.

The briefing, to be held by conference call because Congress is still out on its August recess, is expected to include the chairmen and ranking members of key committees as well as the top leaders from each party in each chamber, the sources said. One of the officials specified that chairs of the House and Senate committees on armed services, foreign relations and intelligence would likely take part.

So, they’ll get what Kerry told all of us the other day but with pictures?

Also, President Obama says he hasn’t made a decision, which probably means he has and, even some of the cheerleaders don’t want to dance with the prom king on this one.