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Those Who Can't, Teach: Hillary Weighing Academic Offers

Professor Madame President.

Hillary Clinton is fielding offers from colleges and universities — including Harvard and her law school alma mater, Yale — to give her a formal academic role, a move that would give her a platform outside her family’s foundation.

The approaches have ranged from offers to join faculty to starting a program in Clinton’s name to rebranding the Baruch College public policy school after the former secretary of state, three sources told POLITICO.

The advantage to Clinton of an academic platform, beyond the scope of her policy interests, could be huge for someone considering a presidential run. It would provide her with a credible backdrop for speeches and events that would take her outside of a hotel ballroom or something sponsored by her family’s foundation or another outside group.

Even those in the Clinton fan club must know that Hillary is at her best when she’s not in public and people can talk about how awesome she is without her actually having to prove it. She better hope this is an academic gig that doesn’t have office hours.