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New Photo Caption Contest: Governor Chris Christie -- Hot or Not?

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Because the world is at peace, Americans trust their scandal-free government, and our nation’s economy is growing at a record pace, it makes perfect sense that this new Quinnipiac University poll occupied a tremendous amount of media bandwidth today.

The poll asked voters for a temperature rating of some well known politicians. Then, supposedly the politicians “heat index” translated into a high or low favorable ranking with voters.

The hot body contest was won by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with 53.1 degrees on the thermometer.

Second hottest was Hillary Clinton steaming it up at 52.1 degrees.

The much cooler Obama needs some new insulation to keep heat from escaping his body after registering fourth on the index with only 47.6 degrees. He was just below Senator Elizabeth Warren heating it up at 49.2 degrees.

The National Journal reporting on these poll results, ran as its headline, “Chris Christie Is So Hot Right Now.”

Your task, as loyal contest regulars, is to write a caption that either answers or explains the question, “Is Chris Christie Hot or Not?”

Submissions must be respectful because the media watches this contest and analyzes the winning captions with almost as much interest as these Quinnipiac poll results.

Of course I am kidding (but not as much as you think.)  So stay classy like the winners of our last contest.

My take on this steaming pile of poll dung is that the heat index should have been reported in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit.

Just imagine the confusion this would have caused with the low information media and their even lower information audience if Christie’s heat index was 11.7 degrees and Hillary at an even colder, 11.1 degrees.

Whether these poll results have any credibility or not, we know there is too much heat from all the hot air in and around our nation’s capitol no matter the season or regardless which thermometer is used.