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Armed White Hispanic Man Pulled Over for Speeding in Texas, Gets Warning, Press Reports Non-Story

Well, it’s a story, but only because the man’s name is George Zimmerman. Texas is full of white and non-white Hispanic men who get pulled over by the cops every day. They don’t make the news.

While driving through East Texas on Sunday afternoon, George Zimmerman was reportedly stopped by police for exceeding the speed limit.

The recently-acquitted Florida resident was pulled over near Forney, Texas, shortly after noon. Zimmerman showed the officer the firearm in his glove compartment. “Nowhere in particular” is how he responded when asked where he was headed.

According to dashcam footage, the officer replied, “Why is that?” In response, Zimmerman asked, “You didn’t see my name?”

“Wow, what a coincidence,” the officer said before telling the 29-year-old that he was going to perform a “routine check” on the vehicle.

The cop let him off with a warning and an admonition not to “play with” the gun.

The hard-hitting investigative reporters who brought us this vital story failed to report how much over the speed limit the armed white Hispanic Zimmerman was driving. Was he 20 over? Just 5? Come on, media, while you’re reporting on the man’s every move so the New Black Panthers can keep track of him, give us the deets.

This reminds me of a totally unrelated story that aired on KLBJ radio yesterday. Reporters at the station dug through sales records of bars in the Austin area, and found that a couple of new ones are doing strong business. Big shock, right? People who drink like to check out new places to drink. So the story named the two bars and then quoted someone from the Texas alcohol commission warning the bars that if they serve drinks to drunks, they’re liable for that. The tone of the story was, basically, these two specific bars must be spreading the liquor around like Anthony Weiner spreads his pics around and they’re really getting close to the line. Only at the end of the story did the reporters acknowledge that neither bar has been cited for any actual problems at all. There was, in fact, no story there, save that two new bars in a town with a reputation for drinking and checking out new watering holes are serving lots of drinks.