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Report from Egypt: Violence Against Morsi Supporters Is a Response to Bombing, Kidnapping, Torture and Killing


My blog has a correspondent on the ground in Egypt, Huda N. (not her real name). She reports that the recent violence by the army against Morsi supporters is a response to violence committed by Morsi supporters:

These are pictures taken from the protests that were called upon by General El-sisi to support the army in their fight against terrorism. The general El -Sisi called upon these protests after the escalating violence of the brotherhood and their supporting Islamic terrorist groups who have been terrifying the Egyptian people since the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi on the 3rd July, 2013.   The acts of violence include bombing, kidnapping, torture, armed attacks on police forces and the army this is in addition to wide heavy armed attacks in North of Sinai. People are fed up with these acts and the hands of the armed forces and police forces are tied due to the international pressure which supports the Muslim brotherhood.

…Due to an unremitting international pressure on Egyptian interim government, especially by American Ambassador in Cairo Ann Patterson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to release detained ousted President Mohamed Morsi and Muslim brotherhood leaders, the army chief General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has urged Egyptians to go down to all squares of Egypt on Friday 26th July, 2013 to support and to mandate the Egyptian armed forces and the police forces to confront violence and terrorism. General El-Sisi asked Morsi supporters to refrain from violence in their protests.

…The people of Egypt in their awareness of the dangerous attempts of the Islamist parties to drag Egypt into a civil war have taken to the streets by the millions. The people took to the streets to protest against the violence, torture to opposition, bombing and killing practiced by the Muslim brotherhood in the streets of Egypt.

Huda reports that the actions of the Obama administration are alienating Egypt and driving Egypt into the orbit of Moscow:

President Obama in a sign of disapproval of the call of General El-Sisi halted the 4 F-16 fighter jets deal to the Egyptian Air Forces. “Trying to break the neck of the Brotherhood is not going to be good for Egypt or for the region,” said a White House official. While Angela Merkel said:  “The Egyptian authorities must release immediately Mohamed Morsi and all political detainees.” And “Egypt must not exclude the Muslim Brotherhood from the new political roadmap.”

…People during the protests demonstrated that Mrs. Ann Patterson is a persona non grata in Egypt. They carried pictures of President Obama in the form of Bin Laden crossed with a red X. Contrary to that they carried pictures of President Putin high together with General El-Sisi.  

Huda N. states that the Obama administration is greatly deceived regarding the Muslim Brotherhood:

There is a great shift in policy dealing with Islamist groups by USA government after September 11 attacks and the current Obama government embracing these Islamic groups rather than fighting them.  The key reason why the United States and Germany support the Muslim Brotherhood is the false belief that it is a moderate Islamic group and the repression of such groups creates more radical Jihadists movements. …USA and German governments tend to forget that the Muslim Brotherhood is the grandfather of every Jihadist and Islamic-fundamentalist movement in the Middle East and that their decree is violence.